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Why Us

Simply we provide a performance process that drives improvement, implementation and enables our client-partners to achieve unparalleled returns from their mystery shopping investment.

We've built a strong foundation of basic mystery shopping values that ensures the delivery of high-quality, timely, credible results. Combine these results with the leverage of our unique action oriented process to obtain significantly better business results.

We Offer :

       ● Performance Quality

       ● Shopper Quality

       ● Easy to Do Business With

Performance Quality

The credibility and value of your program hinges on results being delivered in a timely basis with clear, insightful, non-conflicting information that can withstand scrutiny. all work is completed by our own trained staff.

● Shop details are entered directly into our proprietary online reporting system by shoppers.

● Shops submitted are subject to automated data entry validation.

● A Dear Guest supervisor completes a final review of each shop before it's published.

● Receipt information is verified against each shop for complete accuracy.


Shopper Quality

Each independent shopper has a comprehensive file with complete demographic and user profile information, as well as their shop experience and industry certifications. Dear Guest uses our own internal rating system, as well as a historical Shopper Performance Journal, to constantly monitor the performance of each shopper. Only the best shoppers have access to client shops. Using the best shoppers provides quality feedback and virtually eliminates issues or challenges.

● Easy to Do Business With

● From start to finish there's one thing you'll notice about working with Dear Guest (CS&T Hospitality) .

● Most importantly, you'll get your own dedicated Account Supervisor that becomes your single point-of-contact and will handle all of the necessary details, making it easy for you to focus on using the results instead of administering your program.

Make Your Best Choice With CS&T Hospitality.


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